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EasyAsk Professional Services follows a proprietary implementation methodology called 4D. The EasyAsk 4D Implementation Methodology is based on a four-phase project lifecycle. The four phases include:

  • Discovery
    Define customer requirements, scope and functional specifications
  • Design
    Understand and design the components of the implementation
  • Development
    Develop and launch the application
  • Deployment
    Continually enhance and support the implementation

The four phases are based upon rapid application development techniques that have been tailored and streamlined for implementing scalable EasyAsk solutions. Each phase of 4D is comprised of a series of tasks, milestones, and deliverables that are essential for a successful implementation.

This methodology describes each phase of the project in detail, highlighting essential tasks, milestones, deliverables, roles and responsibilities for each phase. With EasyAsk’s advanced implementation methodology, customers are able to significantly improve employee productivity, strengthen partner relationships or increase e-commerce transactions in a matter of weeks.