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EasyAsk Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) gives you the visitor conversion power of EasyAsk natural language search, navigation and merchandising in a reliable, easy to use SaaS offering. EasyAsk SaaS provides a cost effective means to deploy the EasyAsk solution wihtou the headaches of managing the systems and software.

The EasyAsk e-commerce search and merchandising SaaS solution brings the decade long excellence in natural language e-commerce search and merchandising of EasyAsk to the cloud, putting the rich functionality within easy reach of any e-commerce site.

Manage Search and Merchandising Yourself

You know your industry, products and customers the best.  So you are the right people to manage your search and merchandising.  Unlike other SaaS e-commerce search and merchandising solutions, EasyAsk SaaS provides internet accessible, easy to use tools that your business people can use to manage the search and merchandising.

A rich search application is built automatically from your product catalog each night.  Easy to use reports tell you about searches requiring tuning and allow you to take action in a single click.  Merchandiser tools allow you to quickly create searchandising promotions using English rules and visual previews.

Rapid Implementation

EasyAsk SaaS is deployed quickly requiring very limited client resources during setup and ongoing maintenance.  Implementation is performed in three easy steps:

  • Send us your data feed – provide EasyAsk with your catalog data, even in an existing format such as a Google Merchant Services data feed.  From this feed, EasyAsk can build the search application, review it with your team, and quickly tune it to your needs.
  • Tells us how you want the results displayed – point us to your results display template into which the EasyAsk team can plug in the EasyAsk search and merchandising results.
  • Swap in the EasyAsk search box – place the EasyAsk search box in your page templates or header.

From there, you are ready to go.

Secure, High Performance Service

Once implemented, EasyAsk ensures your search and merchandising application runs properly and continuously using:

  • A load balanced architecture that spreads search requests over the EasyAsk cloud to ensure high performance and fat response rates,
  • Server and service redundancy that ensures the search application will continue to run in the event of hardware or software failures
  • A secure, high performance tier 1 network for fast, reliable internet connectivity
  • Secured, locked down systems and software that only allow customer access to the search application tools

As part of the EasyAsk SaaS offering, EasyAsk provides:

  • Constant monitoring (24×7) of the systems and software with continual diagnostics and performance analysis for rapid response to problems or incidents
  • Continuous logging and report/analytics generation for up to the minute search statistics and reports
  • Regular backups of the search application and product catalog data for rapid disaster recovery
  • Nightly data feed updates ands search application re-generation with the latest products and product catalog information

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Contact our sales team to see a live demo and customer sites using the EasyAsk SaaS.