Search That Means Business


EasyAsk technical education courses offer customers the ability to master the fundamental skills required to implement and leverage EasyAsk solutions as quickly as possible. Course topics are structured to help a range of business and technical users maximize the benefits of EasyAsk solutions across the organization.

EasyAsk Merchandising and Administration Course

EasyAsk Merchandising and Administration is targeted to business users who need to understand the merchandising capabilities provided by EasyAsk in order to maximize the effectiveness of an e-commerce Web site. The course focuses on the tasks involved with administering the search and merchandising aspects of EasyAsk, including the use of search analytics, controlling result display, maintaining attributes, featured items and promotions.

This traditional offering is a 1-day course focused on the essential concepts and tools required to administer the EasyAsk dictionary. The format is lecture/lab and is offered at EasyAsk facilities or on-site.

Essentials of E-Commerce Dictionary Construction Course

This hands-on course is intended for EasyAsk Dictionary developers who need to understand all of the concepts, strategies, and techniques for developing effective e-commerce dictionaries. With this course, users will learn the tasks required to extract, transform and search product catalog information. Also covered in the course are the techniques for supporting the extensive merchandising capabilities of EasyAsk, as well as the back-office operational aspects of deploying EasyAsk for an e-commerce site.

The course is delivered in an intensive 2-day lecture/lab format and can be delivered either at EasyAsk facilities or on-site.

Dictionary Construction Workshop Course

This workshop offers a hands-on approach to jump-starting the EasyAsk implementation. It is specifically designed for those customers who want to be self-sufficient. The Dictionary Construction Workshop uses a database and development environment to provide a customized implementation experience that focuses rapid development and knowledge transfer. At the end of the workshop, development teams will have knowledge of all the best practices, tips and techniques necessary for a successful EasyAsk implementation.

This is a 4-day hands-on workshop to build dictionary construction knowledge.