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Its All About Customer Conversion!

Customer conversion is not just a metric used for measuring your e-commerce success – it is the top one! Keeping your site easy to search and navigate and making it well merchandised is critical to bettering customer experience and raising your conversion rates.

The EasyAsk natural language technology provides a rich, easy manner for customers to search and find products. Customers use complete search phrases such as “large mens blue polo shirts under $50″ and get exactly that in their search results. Customers find products faster and convert faster!

Compare EasyAsk natural language search to other solutions that focus on navigation to get customers to the right products. When a customer is looking for “large mens blue polo shirts under $50″, here is what happens:

  • Navigation oriented solution – the visitor clicks on “Mens” on the menu, then selects “Shirts” from the navigation, followed by “Polos”, “Size: Large”, “Color: Blue”, “Price Range: $26-50″. A total of 6 clicks.
  • EasyAsk natural language – the visitor enters the full search phrase “large mens blue polo shirts under $50″, clicks search and immediate gets exact results.

It is easy to see… with EasyAsk visitors find their products in ONE click. Faster customer conversion! Navigation driven solutions require many more clicks, potentially frustrating the user and causing them to leave. A drop in customer conversion!

EasyAsk delivers the industry’s best e-commerce search, navigation and merchandising solution that is guarranteed to increase your customer conversion rates, leading to more e-commerce revenue.

EasyAsk Websites Convert More Visitors Into Buyers

Nielsen/NetRatings Chart

Nielsen NetRatings


According to Nielsen NetRatings, sites that use EasyAsk have the highest conversion rates in the industry, resulting in an increase in sales and higher revenue per customer. The power of EasyAsk natural language delivers the right product on the first page to convert more visitors into buyers.


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