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Mobile Commerce

With mobile commerce on the rise, e-retailers are looking for unique ways to differentiate themselves in this new market.  EasyAsk voice-enabled natural language mobile search provides that differentiation, allowing customers to find products by speaking with their mobile device and interact with visitors in the new responsive designs mobile sites require.

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For a visitor to buy your product, first they need to be able to find it.  Search is ever so important on a mobile commerce site due to the constraints of the mobile device – smaller screen size, clumsy thumb-pad typing, etc.

Natural language, voice-enabled mobile search will set your mobile site apart from the competition, and deliver the mobile customer experience that will “wow” your customers, convert them, and keep them coming back.

EasyAsk Mobile allows you to deliver a complete mobile experience for your customers with mobile-optimized search, navigation and merchandising services that:

  • Allows customers to search using their voice and natural language to find products faster and complete their purchases quickly,
  • Easily works with responsive designs used in mobile sites to enhance the customer experience and engage the customer,
  • Enables the use of derived attributes to further optimize the navigational experience on a mobile commerce site,
  • Offers complete analytics that provide a comprehensive view of how customers are engaging with the mobile environment.

And EasyAsk helps deliver a consistent, optimized cross-channel customer experience – mobile, web, and private.  It provides the cost efficiency of a single search, navigation and merchandising service that span all channels.


  • Rapid Expansion to Mobile
    Customers can quickly and easily take existing online commerce sites and bring them into the mobile commerce environment.
  • Tailored Mobile Experience
    The content and services are uniquely mobile, delivering a clean, superior mobile web experience.
  • Consistent Customer Services
    A unified merchandising environment enables consistent services and treatment of customers across all channels.
  • Agile Mobile Merchandising
    The product detects mobile commerce access, enabling merchandisers to target specific mobile offers to increase conversion rates.
  • Low-cost Infrastructure
    By leveraging and using unified back-end commerce services, the product enables you to support multiple web delivery environments at the cost of one.